Fashionistas and Fashioners: Unite!

3 09 2008

In preparation for The New Job (sinkhole or not, I’m going), I seriously need to update my wardrobe.

New non-sneakers are purchased for Special Events and consist of: Bright red satin peep-toe pumps, two ridiculously high pair of black sandals (one even has rhinestones!), brown W.A.S.P. loafers, black knee-boots with weapon-worthy heels.

Non-Jean pants consist of: Grey herringbone, gray, black (which I’ve had since at least 2002), gray and gray.  I also own a number of skits, but 90% of them are cotton/causal.  I have two dresses.

Tonight, I brave the mega-mall.  Why?  Well,they have a DSW.  And a bigger JC Penny’s… er, and um,

So, my question to you dear reader(s):
How does one dress “business casual”, yet “Professional” and to not look too old, but not too young either?

Please, no wedges.  No “stretch” pants.  No hooker heels.  No printed sweaters.  No embroidered sweaters. No Mom pants.  Maybe one pair of Mary Janes.  Pants must no contain elastic around the waist.  Skirts must be suitable for -250 degree winters.  No “slouch” boots.  No Uggs (“ugh!” says I)
I need to be somewhere in between “This is my first job!” and “Can I show you pictures of my toddler?!” without having to change my address to “Third Cardboard Box under The Thruway”.





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3 09 2008

whatever you buy, please make sure it has shoulder pads.

I jest.

OMG, random flashback. Do you remember back when we worked on the Titanic and had moved to the office in Williamsville and we got that memo about appropriate dress?

*No ethnic clothing. Examples provided: Dashikis and Caftans not acceptable.
*No inappropriate shoes – laces cannot come above the ankle (no gladiator sandles).
*Other unacceptable items I remember from the list: muumuus, gang colors, belly baring shirts (duh, like we needed a memo for that one), jeans with ripped or frayed bottoms or knees, etc.

That was good for a laugh. And if I remember correctly, Tate and I were the only managers left in the office at the time and told everyone to disregard the memo. I think Tony may have even threatened to wear a muumuu….

Such good yet bad times..

Ah, “The Titanic”… I recall there being something in there about HAVING to wear underwear. I felt like that list was like “Don’t feed the bears” and/or “Do not take toaster into bathtub”. Someone had to wear their burkka and offend someone else.

3 09 2008

i vote for a pair of doc marten’s mary janes…in black. they are the BEST. and i wear them daily because i’m on my feet a lot. no heels for me–i have to chase errant students up and down halls and stairwells.

4 09 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I was partially successful…

Purchases: Super-dark-brown pants with blue and tan tiny stripes, black pointy pumps, brown pointy pumps (in fact, they’re the exact same brand AND style), a chunky cable sweater in magenta and a black v-neck long sleeve for under said sweater.
Plus, MIL had a $20 coupon for DSW so my two pairs of shoes came up to $60!

Still to get:
1 pair black pants, “lunch tote”, Non-Nalgene water bottle, knee socks, 2-3 more tops.

I can do this. I am so excited.

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