No No No. This is Totally NOT an Omen.

2 09 2008

I am stoked about The New Job.
Really Stoked.

So I’m making dinner** and on the news, there is BREAKING NEWS about an underground tunnel that is collapsing in downtown.
(Here’s your Stephanie-is-a-Nerd thirty second history lesson:  Due to Buffalo’s position on the water, the city flourished during the hayday of boating as a main source of Point-A-to-Point-B.  This explosion of money and people, etc, lead to downtown housing some very wickedly cool architecture.  Frank Lloyd Wright, well, he designed the first modern building Downtown and now it’s a parking lot, but that’s another topic.  Anyway, so there was a super-big department store on one side of Washington Street and it’s warehouse was on the other side of Washington, so they  built an underground tunnel to get goods to the retail store.  In fact, Downtown Buffalo is chock-full of tunnels between buildings.  TIME!)
(P.S. There is a new link on my delicious for how much wicked architecture is in the area.  kill some time.)

In fact, in this photo, my building is right to the, er, right. just out of view.

As per wikinews (I know, I know) the red area is where the tunnel is.

At least the Tim Horton’s across the way is safe 🙂

The street is closed to all traffic… I’m sure my building is fine… it has to be!

**dinner, from a cookbook:
1.5 lbs chicken breast, cut into 1-inch cubes
3 Tablespoons of olive oil
1 pound of frozen broc and cauli
1 jar of Alfredo sauce

Brown the chicken chunks while nuking the veggies for 7 minutes with a couple tablespoons of water.
Once the veggies are done, add to the cooked chicken and stir in the alfredo.




One response

5 09 2008

Just curious, was that place (I’m guessing it’s no longer extant) referred to as Amanda’s?

Clooose, it was “AM&A’s” as in “Adam, Meldrum and Anderson Co.” They were very high end, like a Macy’s and there used to be a snackateria in the basement.

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