Adventures With a 3-year old: Getting Ready for a Managment Position

31 08 2008

Once in a while, when we go to our friends house, their kids latch onto me and we play so Mommy and Daddy can play volleyball.
The three-year old, H, thinks I am the cat’s meow.
The one-year old, N, is warming up, but is still very mom-orientated.

All evening, H has been coming up to me, “Stephanie, do you want to play with me?!” and sometimes we play, sometimes I talk to the adults.
N begins rubbing her eyes sleepily and H just wants to play.
Mommy puts N in the stroller and H is chattering away.
“Everyone as their sweatshirts on!  N, and (she points at me), and, um, ‘you’, and Mommy!”




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