This Must be Just like Living in “Paradise”

21 08 2008

Round ’bout this time last year, we went to Jamaica. After much research (on my part, natch) I picked the best resort within our price range. We go to check-in and the clerk tells us that the hotel is undergoing renovations and they’ll put us up at their sister resort next door. Not only did they upgrade out room, they also gave us a free 4-night stay at another Caribbean resort within a year; we just need to shell out (ha!) airfare and transfers.


So we chose to go to The Bahamas. Rather, The Bahamas had the lowest airfare.
The above and below photos would be the view from our balcony of our room.

Oh, and you know that hotel, Atlantis, that the TV keeps pushing?
It was right next door.

For serious!
In fact, according to our vegetarian cab driver, Atlantis wanted to buy Riu (our resort) and Riu said no.
Had that gone through, Atlantis would have owned a LARGE chunk of Paradise Island.
(The pink building, the one that’s closest, is part of Atlantis. You may recognize the crazy huge towers further back.)
Please note the location of the towers… you’ll need this soon.

Saturday was our check-in and Saturday night, Faye/Mother Nature decided to make herself known.

Lighting, crashing thunder, crazy rain… Thank goodness the bar was still open.
Sunday though, everything pretty much cleared up.

We hit the ocean and the pool for the afternoon and we found out that Steve’s swim trunks can hold a lot sand.

The little jug next to the sand is a 1 pint jug I carry for water in airports.
Seeing as Atlantis was so close, we headed over to see what all the hub-bub was about.

Oh, that, it’s the dining area sub-set from the main-check in desk.
A freaking aquarium. In the lobby.

Those are two huge stingrays. HUGE. And there were sharks and stingrays and freakishly large fish.
Back over at out hotel, walked the beach and saw a real-life-wild stingray.

Sunday night we enjoyed one of the specialty restaurants.
Good thing the bars were still open after dinner.

Monday we hit Nassau (a 15 minute boatride across the way)

That would be the Parliament Building as Nassau is The Capital of The Bahamas.
When cruiseships come into the area, they park(?) in Nassau. There are about 100 jewelry shops in the area, a number of high-end fashion stores (Vercase, Bvugia, Fendi, john Bull, etc.) and a number of duty-free liquor stores.
We opted for the cash-and-carry method of purchases.

(“Captain Vinnie’s Hide Away, Bahamian Tings”)
This um, bar/cafe was in an alley, between two shopping plazas and they lured us in with their three dollar Kalik beer.
Kalik is the national beer of The Bahamas and it is awesome. In the airport, I had two Kalik Golds and I promptly forgot my name and started to get paranoid that I would be thrown off the plane.
After spending the afternoon trying to haggle with the vendors in The Straw Market (sidenote: if you want knock-off purses, this is THE place to go) despite not planning ahead and brining more cash along… we head back to our island.

And the bars were still open.

Tuesday we had plans to go to Ardastra Gardens, however, Faye/Mother Nature had other plans.
Remember how you saw Atlantis, the big towers, in the earlier photo?

Right, that’s not fog. That’s rain. Yes, rain.
Deciding to wait things out, we went to the bar. Which was open.
Around mid-morning, the rain let up and we decided that we wouldn’t be able to make it to Ardastra Garden. Instead, we decided to go to the French Cloisters, which was like a twenty minute walk from the resort.
In 90+degree heat. And 100% humidity. Funny thing was, it didn’t effect me like it does here.
Anyway, here is a statue at the cloister and she’s a bit too haunting to not photograph.

We walked around, crashed a tour group where we learned that Robert DeNiro owns the other third of the gardens as well as a restaurant in Atlantis and some of “The One and Only Beach Club”.

Tuesday night, our last night, we enjoyed the Japanese restaurant. Steve learned to use chopsticks, I ate a tray of sushi, sashimi, shrimp and lychees.

Wednesday, we had to leave and with two more double rum pina colodas under our belts, we headed to the airport.
Two Kalik Golds and multiple flight delays later, we arrived home to a very needy kitty and a number of dust bunnies.

Ah, home sweet home.



3 responses

21 08 2008

Yeah! Your back! I missed your daily posts. What is a bit for airfare when you 4 free days on an island in the Bahamas! Woo-Whoo. Glad you had fun despite Faye. Good thing the bars were open!!!

bars and seafood make me haaappppy.

21 08 2008

funnnnn! i haven’t been to the bahamas in ages! i did cable beach when i was about 24–i went all by myself to relax…and then i went with my parental units in 1999. we stayed at club med on paradise island. my mom and i went another time (’97 maybe?) bliss…

i visited the atlantis on all trips and loved the lazy river. welcome back! how’s steve feeling?

WE stayed on Paradise Island!!! Crazzzzyy. Steve is a-okay, you’d never know he almost died, unless you peek at his tummy. We just wandered around Atlantis as I can not justify spending $105 to use a waterslide; nor do I want a timeshare spheal.

24 08 2008

Ooooo… I wanna go! The Bahamas may just have to be my ‘break out after marriage break up’ escape.

But… i’m assuming this is not some place to go alone, but rather best done shared with someone, yes?

Surprisingly, we saw a number of males on the prowl… get a friend to go with you, it’s not too bad on the pocketbook. We’ve been to a number of Caribbean destinations and Bahamas is really close to the top of the favorites list.

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