The Three Ring Circus: Starring Bailey and Elsie

15 08 2008

We’ve had the pleasure of watching my in-laws dog, Elsie, since Sunday.
Here she is, being good.

Oh, yeah, you’re seeing that right.
She’s got a brown eye and a blue/brown eye.
And she’s evil.  I don’t know if the photo caught that.  But she is.

And of course you know, and love, Bailey Beans!

So yeah, basically it’s like having Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum following me around.
I look forward to being able to pee alone.

The Girls get along fairly well, except when there is food or toys involved.
Breakfast is a hoot as I need to separate them by miles and make sure that the other isn’t creeping around behind me.
Bed time is fun too as Bailey likes to sleep between us (for a little while) and Elsie loves attention, so they’re both stepping all over us, seeing which one can crush us with her sheer love.

Yesterday, Elsie took Beesess new ball (a comically large tennis ball) and what I call a “bear fight” ensued.

Right near The Joes.  Because that’s the best place for 150+ pounds of dogs to fight.
Elsie wins and takes the ball, barking at me and wagging her tail.
In Bailey speak that’s a tease.
In Elsie speak, as I found out, that means “Get your goddamn hands away from my toy.  Bitch.”  And she leaped up, dragging her claws into the soft fleshy part of my wrist.
Hilarity ensues.
And by hilarity, I mean blood.

Elsie also hunts my cats, who have wisely decided to stay in the basement.
Bailey gets back at Elsie for asking to be petted by disemboweling and de-squeeking all of her toys.

With all of this fun, I have decided to take a hiatus.
No Internet for me for FOUR DAYS.

Basically to see if I can do it…
And if I falter, I’ll think of this haunting me.

(no, not football, the constant oppression of two dogs who need to be petted ALL THE TIME.)




4 responses

16 08 2008

hmmm..i’m more hung up on that GIANORMOUS tv/movie screen in your living room. whoa! and what’s all that stuff below it?! games? machines? coolness!!!

i see you’re a papasan chair fan–i had one for a while but got sick of getting stuck in it and calling for help to extricate myself. and they take up LOTS of room.

ps. your in-laws’ dog looks a bit satanic in the one picture where her eye is red. lol.

Had Steve not been as good at haggling with the tools at Circuit City, the TV would have been smaller. And seeing as he knows to use logic (and not that shady “boy logic”) he justified it by stating that this floor model TV was less then a smaller, newer one. Sold. And Elsie is evil. She left bout 4000 balls of fur all over my house.

18 08 2008

So much to say!
I barely know where to start.
How huge is your telly? Wow.
The picture of the the two tasmamian devils after the fight…. is that a dead hedgehog on the floor? ;o)
I love chocolate labs, I don’t think you’ll find a more stupid or more loving type of dog. My in laws had one, Bracken. He was so cute. He used to bring your slippers and take your cap off!
I do love your in laws dogs eyes! David Bowie Dog! (I know there is a joke in there with a play on Bow wow wow but I haven’t the energy to think of it.)
Did I mention the size of your telly?
Have fun on your ‘puter break!

Our TV is obscenely large. Too large for my taste, but then again, I don’t really watch it. And that would be a hedgehog, one of B’s favorite toys. Bailey is by far the most loving and stupidest dog we’ve had.

20 08 2008

Boo! Are you back yet?


18 08 2009
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[…] dogs for the price of one I have the pure joy of watching Elise again (last time she was over, naw). The two of them had some kind of “Excitement Show-Down” yesterday, as they damn near […]

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