“Your Toes are Wrapping Around My Fingers…”

14 08 2008

In true last minute fashion, I decided to get a pedicure last night.
I do not care much for those places in the malls (building or strip) that you can smell about 400 meters away, so I opted to go to a salon/spa and it took my entire being not to book a massage as well.

The place was really nice, the waiting area even placed Depeche Mode (yum!).

“Okay Stephanie, WHY are you posting about this?”, you ask.
Well, I have a confession to make.
I am, am, I, I, I, I am VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY tickilish.
How ticklish?
Well… as much a I like going barefoot in the grass, it tickles.  If my fingernails run over the bottom of my foot while I put on socks, I lose my breath.  Now, I know “they” say you can’t tickle yourself, but I stand firm by the fact that I can not use the PedEgg without squirming all over the place like a kid that has to pee.
“It can’t be that bad. Liar.”
Dear reader, I kid you not.  In fact, depending on the shoes, sometimes they tickle me.
If fact, sometimes even thinking about having my feet tickled sends me into a frenzy.

That being said, the nice tech is trying to buff my heels and I’m grabbing onto the arms of the massaging chair as though I was going to fall off.  I accidentally kicked the last person who gave me a pedicure.
So then I try zoning out, thinking that could help.  She starts files my nails to a universal length.
“Um, excuse me, your toes are curling around my fingers and I can’t move them.”
“oops, sorry.”  I say sliding back into the chair.
“I haven’t even seen anyone as ticklish as you.” She comments.  I take it as a compliment.

When everything was said and done, my toe nails are one length, a nice deep pink (!!!) and no one had to go the emergency room with a broken nose/severed foot.




6 responses

14 08 2008

lol…you got sucked into the ped-egg too? i was going to blog about it, but didn’t want you guys to think i was a sucker. hahahah. maybe i’ll rethink that.

Once I get a couple cocktails in me, I am pleased with the PedEgg. We’ll be suckers in soft heels.

14 08 2008

AHH! Pedicures! Few other finer things in life…I need one now….what is this ped-egg??? Never heard of it….

Ah, the PedEgg, it’s actually pretty gross, but really effective… it’s this thing that like, uh, shaves, the dead skin off your feet. It’s not rough at all (“Look! It doesn’t even pop this balloon!”) and produces soft heels. Plus, it’s like 10 bucks and then with 20% off at BBB…

15 08 2008

Pretty toes! I’ve never had a one. I’m not very ticklish so my visit would be nowhere near as entertaining as yours was! :o)

Totally worth the spurge. You should get one. At least over here, you get a glass of wine (or coffee) and a big comfy chair… but go to a salon/spa, they’re much better 🙂

15 08 2008

I share the same affliction with you…Tickle foot Disease. Yes, during my last pedicure, the manager of the salon came over and asked me if he should call 911. After I settled down, wiped the tears from my eyes, and released my clenched hands from the arm rests, I calmly said emt’s were not required.
Pedicures are so worth the money and so relaxing!

Horray! The internets brought me someone else who can’t have her feet touched!

15 08 2008
that girl

Is it possible that you were told the incorrect definition of “tickle?” 😉 I trained myself to the point where I resist any reaction when the hubby tries to tickle my foot. I just stare at him, but I think he’s on to me.

I saw the Ped-Egg in the store. It scared me. A lot. It looks like it could make you bleed or that you should use it to peel a carrot or shred a block of cheese.

18 08 2008

There was a chick on the train yesterday that needed a pedicure. She also needed to keep her goddamn feet off of the seat handle, and then off of the window! I can’t believe how inconsiderate she was. Anyways – as a fellow ticklish person (I could NEVER get a massage) I feel your pain.

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