Not Looking for Sympathy, Perhaps Empathy

11 08 2008

As much as I adore thunderstorms (as long as it’s rolling thunder and not cracking…) and the smell of fresh rain, my joints can only deal with it for so long.
Denial doesn’t make The Big A go away, which is a shame, because that’s free.
(By Big A, I’m talking arthritis, though I do not like to admit this…that’s okay, I only know a few of you anyway)

For those of you who don’t have this deeeelightful ailment, let me try to help you out.
It’s like a deep deep cramp that you just can’t work out.
And it’s a chain reaction…. i.e. my ankle stiffens up which causes me to limp, which puts pressure on my knee, which throws my hips off kilter, which makes my lower back ache, which adds to shoulder tension.
Fun.  Wow.

Yesterday, I was on the couch at seven am because I couldn’t get comfortable.  Normally, I can “release” my muscles but this flare up may just be the worst since I was diagnosed.
Also normally, three ibuprofen knock me on my tuckus and I wasn’t even sleepy after four… the pain is that bad.

Like I said, I am not looking for sympathy here, I just think people need to understand that this isn’t something that is in your head.

(How bad am I today, well, I feel like I could throw up and I have no appetite.)




One response

11 08 2008

i can’t even imagine! i have some hoarded darvocets left over from kidney stone situation–shall i mail them to you, or would that constitute ‘drug dealing’? feel better–hope the weather clears up for ya!

(re: mailing drugs: i’m KIDDING fbi, dea, and local police who may happen upon this.)

Drugs across state lines, nah, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with that. The Mister’s got some darvocet left too… But thank you, apparently, it’s the summer version of “lake effect snow” and should continue through the afternoon.

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