Rednecks, White Trash and More Fried Food Than You Can Shake A Candy Apple Stick at

9 08 2008

Last night, being the only night that fits into The Misters unrestricted schedule, we went to the County Fair.
Basically, we just go to laugh at the trash, pick up some homemade goodies for Bailey and overpay for beer; we did all three.

If you’re saying, “That looks l like a monkey riding a dog…” then you would be correct.
The “new” “show” this year was Banana Races, in which organ grinding monkeys ride shelter dogs.

I shit you not.

After that THRILLING attraction, we headed off for another beer and started counting how many booths were selling “ultimate jewelry cleaner!” and custom made t-shirts.
The people at the “Your birthday moon phase in a necklace” had me hook, line, sinker and ascending 1…

(it’s hard to take a photo of your own chest.)

Another beer later, we’re back at the creative arts building (which still smelled like grandma’s basement) so I can show me showing my photos.

“But Stephanie, where is your ribbon??!”
Yeah, that’s right, I’m a loser. And a number of the winners were losers, so that didn’t help.
(BTW, the beads came with our first beer and they’re for Bailey)
However, as Steve mentioned, at least I got displayed, so it wasn’t a total loss. And he liked my photos. I hope he wasn’t saying that because he’s sleeping with me.

Sorry for the glare on this one, but the alternate photo kinda looked like someone surprised me with an enema.

By now, it was dark and I love the midway all lighted.

By now, Steve said I should just have a plastic bag following me around.

Am I the only one kinda frightened by the fact that the rides look like a 1970’s throwback? I think that’s what makes me nervous to ride fair rides, though there is something romantic about the ferris wheel.

On our way out, we stopped to see “Santa’s Reindeer”. And seeing is about all we could do, as dictated by this sign.

I think that next year, I’m going to wear a t-shirt that tells the reindeer not to hassle me.

He totally started it.



5 responses

10 08 2008
Mr. Bill

Oh sure, all the good stuff comes to the fair after we move away. Please tell me you ate a mystery meat “Corn dog”.

Better yet, we had cranky reindeer.

10 08 2008

thank you so much–i’ve never been to a county fair and always wondered what they looked like! i can’t believe that someone ‘stole’ the ribbon from your photo! i still liked your pics the best.

Those Bastards!!! Stealing my ribbons. why I otta…

10 08 2008

so i take it from the sign that you ARE allowed to beleaguer, besiege, harry, and importune the animals. [whew] that gives me lots of leeway.

Those elves were watching the reindeer for signs of PSTD

11 08 2008

Monkeys riding dogs. What will we think of next?
Love the necklace!

If it wasn’t for the photos,. I don’t think anyone would believe the monkey mayhem.

11 08 2008

I’m going on Wednesday to the Erie County (TRASH) Fair. I look forward to seeing the crazy monkeys and I like the necklace.

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