WHAT is that smell?!?

8 08 2008

The past few weeks have been a barage of smells.

* Long-hairball in the drain
* Stinky guy at the gym
* Bailey’s ears
* Closed windows (due to rain) combined with an occasionally fevered husband
* Cat box
* Dander
* Damp carpet
* Markers
* Chicken skin and melon rinds

Though the long-hairball in the bathroom sink takes the stinky cake, what are some of the noxious not-typical-garbage related smells you’ve encountered.?




4 responses

8 08 2008

My hubbys feet.
My dads feet.
My hubbys aphid killing spray.
Wet Dog
Hope you are ok! :o)

8 08 2008

Mighty Taco remains. EWWW!

8 08 2008

– sweaty jock-strap preserved inside a gymbag misplaced for months

– rancid coke with enough mold for a Petri dish

– sun-dried used-condom

– I shall mercifully spare you the rest

11 08 2008

-stinky feet

-diapers a ‘friend’ left in the very bottom of my bathroom garbage during our BBQ without telling me. >:{

-dirty dishwasher

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