Cleared for Whatever…

8 08 2008

Last night was Steve’s follow up appointment at the surgeon.
While the appointment was at 430, we were seen at 6.
So, yeah…

Anyway, Steve’s appendix was thisclose to bursting.  The doc even said that given the severity of the inflammation, he’s surprised that Steve waited as long as he did to get treatment.
But now he’s cleared to do anything, WITHIN REASON, which to Steve means “anything”.

Thanks to everyone who lent support (virtual, actual or otherwise) during this scary, trying time.




2 responses

8 08 2008

glad he got a clean bill of health. he must have a ridiculous pain threshold.

I think that “ridiculous” is the most apt adjective I’ve heard.

11 08 2008

Glad Steve is feeling better. 🙂

That makes two of us. Though his sites are healing still, so they’re all crusty/crunchy. eeewwwwww

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