In-Law Dinner Menu: 8/4/08

5 08 2008

BBQ Chicken, Roasted Veggies and Pasta Salad:

Pasta Salad
I prefer tri-color pasta or Wacky Mac as the spinach is sneaky.  You also need some italian dressing (though you can use olive oil), olives (sliced), shakable parm cheese, (optional) tiny tomatoes and (optional) hot sauce.
Boil the pasta, drain and rinse with cold water until not hot.
Gently mix pasta and dressing.   Fold in olives, toms and parm cheese.  Be gentle.
Sprinkle with parm before serving.
(in my case, pick out tomotoes)

Grilled Veggies (variation):
Ears of corn (cut in THIRDS), a bag of baby carrots, dry soup mix (veggie or onion), olive oil, buter, small potatoes; I opted for “red creamers” which is not a porno, it’s produce.
Mix dressing with olive oil and add some water.
Add veggies to “soup” and ensure coverage.
Make a container from foil, making sure it’s not leaking.  Because Bailey will find it hours later and lick it from the kitchen floor.

BBQ Chicken:
Remove skin from chicken.

With half the grill on Mostly High (for the veggies) and medium-ish (for the chicken), place items in their designated location, douse chicken with sauce and leave for fifteen minutes.
Flip all items and re-baste chicken, cooking for another fifteen minutes.

Make sure to serve something on the plate that your mother-in-law gave you.




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