4 08 2008

“The weather gods just can’t seem to put two good days together.

The maddening on-again, off-again weather pattern remains in the forecast, according to the National Weather Service.”

That is the forecast according to my city’s lone newspaper.
“Maddening”?  Really?
I’m not driven insane by the weather… in fact, yesterday was super nice and today is supposed to be nice, so let me count here, that’s TWO nice days in a row.
Plus, my weeds are getting a nice watering.

The in-laws are coming over tonight.
Last week we were going to have a cookout, but Steve’s near-exploding appendix put the kabosh on that.  On the menu: BBQ chicken breast, Roasted veggies, homemade pasta salad and ice cream sammiches!
We’re getting the dogs together because his parents don’t believe me when I say that Elise has been over before.
This picture absolutely proves that, as usual, I am right.

by the way, it’s worth mentioning that Elsie is slightly less evil now that she has an electric fence.  Also, this photo does not show her in the best light.
We’re slated to dog watch next week.

* “Baroo?” by the way, is the noise that your dog would make when she tilts her head 180 degrees, because as we all know, head tilting increases comprehension.



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