Steve Update and Photo Goodness

1 08 2008

Steve Update:
Oh, he’s better.
How do I know?  He’s back to criticizing my driving, he was wearing “real” clothes (as opposed to sleep pants) and we even had Mighty Taco for dinner.
While he’s not sprinting (as usual), he’s shuffling along quite well.
I, on the other hand, have had a three-day headache (my system runs on a delay) and was passed out by eight last night.

I didn’t get a gander at my competition, but Steve told me to “just follow all the old ladies to the creative arts building.”
Smart ass.
Anyway, here are my two submissions and everyone is welcome to a sheet of paper from a dollar store pad (must pick up) if I win.



5 responses

1 08 2008

Good choices on the photos!

*blush* aw, thanks.

1 08 2008

Excellent contrast. I especially like the second one: “Rover finally confronts his side”

seems like a lot of people LOVE the Bailey/Grace photo and I’m like, “Um, two dogs…” woo hoo!

1 08 2008

a. glad that hubs is feeling better.

b. wow! i never knew that you were so artistic! the juxtaposition of the flourishing iris(?) and the wilted one is quite profound. (or am i reading too much into this? a hazard of being an english major and analyzing everything!)

in my house it’s a good day if i don’t cut your head off in a photo. you really have talent. post more pictures!

re:b- that’s why I totally love that photo (of the iris, ding ding ding)! *singing* oh, the circle of liiiffffeeee! Thanks for the compliment, I just happen to like taking pictures…

1 08 2008

Your pictures are beautiful, I shall look for them when I visit the fair. I always thought about entering but never know how to go about it….where did you get the info?

Gosh, so blushing over here! I found the info on the fair’s website under “competitive exhibits” and then to “creative arts”. Be warned though, the building stinks of mold!

2 08 2008

I love that close up of the purple flower, and all the exquisite intricate detail captured 🙂

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