Why it Pays (literally) to Read the Fine Print

31 07 2008

Erie County Fair Creative Arts Entry Fee (includes five admission tickets, but not parking): $23
Four 8×10 prints, two of which will be submitted (hey, you never know how the print will look)- $13
Foam board: $4
Glue: $1
Posterboard for matting (not used): $2
Mats for Matting (used, then removed): $13

Premiums (read: prizes): Blue Ribbon $10, Red Ribbon $5.

Pride of not having to walk through the photo exhibit thinking, “Mine are so much better then that!”: Priceless.

(If I can find the time/remember, I’ll take pictures of my pictures before dropping them for submission.)



3 responses

31 07 2008

Good luck!

31 07 2008

i hope you win!! ps. how’s hubster?

31 07 2008

kick some photographic ass, dear… go get ’em… and when you win the big blue, take us all out for… well… chewing gum or something equally expensive…

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