Earning my Keep

23 07 2008

him: So if you could do me another favor…
me: yeeessss?
him: Can you see when we, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘you’, can get Bailey into the vet?  She’s overdue and I’ve been going crazy…. just living the dream over here [at work]…
me: By ‘dream’, you mean ‘nightmare’, right?
him: Exactly.  Plus, I got you flowers AND an iPod.
me: I know.  I was there.
him: Speaking of which, can you track those for me?



One response

23 07 2008

[sniffle] i just love romantic stories like this one [honk!]… brings a tear to the eye, it does… romance is not dead… spastically twitching in the corner, maybe, but not dead!

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