22 07 2008

Steve has been talking about getting himself an iPod for a while now.
He’s also talking about replacing my melted, but functional, iPod.
I have been talking to him about getting me a bouquet of flowers.  Please.  For the love of god.  Flowers.  FLOWERS NOW!  (He has yet to deliver, despite the passing of a bouquet and my jabbing him in the side and pointing to the flowers and saying, “Those are nice, I would like those.”)

So this morning, as I charge my pod at my desk for this afternoons gym jaunt, I send him this message…

Should you decide to surprise me with an iPod instead of flowers, I have two requests…
1) please remember that it needs to come to the gym with me.  While the touch is wicked awesome cool, will it fit in my shorts?  Well, okay, I know it will fit in my shorts now, but what about when I’m disappearing-sideways-skinny.  Who are we kidding?  I’ll never be that skinny.

2) said unit needs a harness.  Not unlike a banana hammock, but if it won’t fit in my pants, it needs to clip on my pants (not my arm, that’s way lame).  And if it won’t fit in my pants, [insert inappropriate sexual commentary here].

Right, so, yeah, see how much easier it would be to just buy me some pretty flowers?




2 responses

22 07 2008

Hey! since when is sexual commentary ever inappropriate?

what if he got you an iPod with pictures of flowers in the photo section? ooo, i’m writing that down… not that i’ll have opportunity, but…

Sometimes my ‘rents read this and I mean, it’s not like they don’t know who I’m sleeping with, I just prefer that they don’t outright know who’s poking their pride and joy. oops.

22 07 2008

Ah – the “under pressure” flower delivery. Personally I feel that cheapens it a bit. I prefer to surprise the lady with them as opposed to feeling obligated.

But – I would definitely go for the flowers over an Ipod. That is a decision my wallet would make every time.

Oh, it’s way beyond the surprise factor by now… I started dropping hints in like, February. Months passed with more hint dropping. Finally I jabbed him in the side. And it’s not even about “surprising” me, I do a lot of stuff to make his school-life easier (planning 5 dinners, providing 5 lunches, mowing the lawn…) and I even said that flowers are a constant reminder of “Thank You” seeing as that is a non-functional part of speech.

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