Dear Gentlemen, “Not Funny”

21 07 2008

Dear Gentlemen Readers,
Take note of the following conversation.  While to the male brain this may seem appropriate and/or funny, to the female brain, it is cause for launching a kitchen item across the house.

female: So, after I finally get the battery in my watch replaced [broken since early June], the MFers didn’t set the time right.
male: Bummer.
female: Yeah, so you know how I found out?
male, disinterested: how?
female: When I went to go pick up my prescription and they told me the pharmacy closes at 5.  I look at my newly working watch and it’s three-thirty.  BUT, it was actually four-thirty and the pharmacy was closed by the time I was done grocery shopping.
male: (chortle)
female, livid: Oh, yes, it IS hilarious that I’M NOT TAKING MY BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.  HA HA HAHA!
male, turning back to homework: …

Again, joking about medications, especially ones that keep your wife from going crazy or becoming pregnant before the discussed time IS NOT FUNNY.  NOT FUNNY.




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