20 07 2008

Back about three weeks ago, I posted a list of things I hoped to accomplish this year.

So far, I sent 120 pictures to snapfish, got them in AND organized-ish the ones from the basement remodel.
I have made more (much more) of an effort to go to the gym.  Stupid scale moved the wrong way, but I feel different.
The food selection has gone from poor to bi-polar.  Instead of keeping the house full of crap, it’s half super-good food (veggies, homemade fruit pops, mint green iced tea…) and half of partially-bad food (tasty cheese doodles, yummy beer).
I’ve been more tolerant of others and their crazy rudeness.

So how many more months of good behavior do I have left?




One response

21 07 2008

yay! progress. keeping track of it is part of the battle. i always seem to be better if i hold myself accountable in print.

i bought my scale from the “stupid scale company” as well… you’d think they’d go out of business… stupid scale…

Years ago I had a conversation with a fellow foodie about how the scale should “sandwich” the bad news. “You look fantastic. You’re up a few. You’re not hurting me like you used to.”

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