Oh, it’s Fun Being a Girl!

18 07 2008

Oh man, I can tell this is going to be a FUN weekend. /sarcasm
The lower back pain has finally subsided and I only have the slightest remainder of a headache.

You know what helps?
No, not Midol (though just to be safe, I did take some)… RETAIL THERAPY!!!

In case you have not been to THE MOST WONDERFUL site for gifties, Etsy, I implore you to go.
What did I buy today?


I CAN NOT wait to get this!  in the meantime, I think I shall shop for a Veggie Burger.

(no, seriously, you have to check Etsy out… “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade”, because what better way to stimulate the economy then the put the money back into Mom and Pop then Wal*Mart?)

* This vendor is SquidStuffis, love the name, and love the “storefront”.  Mwah!




4 responses

18 07 2008

I love it!!!

18 07 2008

That is adorable! Do they have a kitty one?

I added the storefront link, but I also myspacemailed you.

18 07 2008

funny… i’ve always heard a good roll in the hay (yes, definitely a euphemism) is a great cure for a headache… which is ironic given the typical excuse for not indulging in a bedroom romp…

pfft, I tried that two days ago and the only thing I got was a rousing case of insomnia… though I’m sure the mister wouldn’t fight another go.

18 07 2008

LOVE Etsy! I buy way too much there… and sell there too:


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