Sleep Results

17 07 2008

Just so you know, I’m the type of person who, if naps, often has problems sleeping at bedtime.  (I napped when I got home from effects of not sleeping the night before and The Migraine.)
Also, if not EXHAUSTED, I’m a lighter sleeper, meaning things like, the air conditioner going on, wake me up.

That being said, I caved in at 12:40 last night and took some NyQuil.
This is after: meditating, visualization, going to the sofa (thinking the quiet would help), the gym, the puppy, some assisted relaxation 😉 and breathing exercises.

It kicked in about, oh, 1:30am.

I was smart and packed my B-6 today.




2 responses

17 07 2008

Margarita induced sleep!!!!!

I thought I was the DD… unless I’m going to do the drunken walk of shame again 🙂

17 07 2008

i’ve got sleep apnea… even though i ‘sleep’, i wake up grumpy and sleepy (the other 5 dwarves wake themselves [chortle]).

But B-6? no one’s mentioned that yet… i’m on it! thanks!

B-6 is an energy booster, so when you have to drag the other five dwarfs behind you, it’s a good thing.

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