Unsent Letter: Dear “Listen at Work” Station…

15 07 2008

Dear “Listen at Work” Station,

I heard a promo on your station asking for comments, suggestions and ‘songs you’d like to hear’.

* Please stop saying you have “a better variety”, because you don’t.  Playing the same hundred songs BUT in a different order DOES NOT count as variety.  Don’t think that your adding a “new” song here and there and then permanently adding into your playlist has gone un-noticed.  If I hear “Lost in Your Eyes” by Debbie Gibson one more time, I will walk to your station and delete it from the computer.
* Also, on the topic of “better variety”, you claim a “no-repeat workday!”…  Yes, most people work from 9-5(ish) but I would think that you would have enough music to not play the same song within ANY ten hour period.
* More “Hall and Oates” please.
* Please have “Deliah” record more then one promo per day.  Seriously, if I  hear “Hey there, it’s Deliah…” once more, I will walk down to your station and delete it from the computer.  (For those of you not subject to Deliah, she’s a syndicated evening DJ who listens to people tell her how their mom/dad/husband/wife/lover/kid/boss/pet groomer changed their life and then she plays on non-related song.  Think Casey Kasum’s Long Distance Dedication but with less relevance.)
* Please give your DJs some coffee.
* As much as I do not like Celine Dion, I think you should know that she has more then three songs out.  Same with Madonna.
* I know you’re trying to make the whole “soft rock” thing less painful for The Kids by adding in some “cool” and “new” songs, like Apoligze by One Republic but I doubt anyone likes that song.
* Less “Five for Fighting” please.

Dear Reader,
What do you want to address to your disliked media of choice?




2 responses

15 07 2008

Are you serious???

Anyhow, I found this on a Google search, and I thought maybe it would cheer you up:

Slogan of 105.9, the classic rock radio station in Chicago: “Of all the radio stations in Chicago…we’re one of them.”

Source: http://ifaq.wap.org/society/aphorisms.html

What leads you to think I’m not serious…

21 07 2008

when i worked the office-type job, our building only got ONE station–it was a horrid local station and they played ‘butterfly kisses’ every half-hour. my friend and i sent an evil fax with WE HATE BUTTERFLY KISSES scrawled all over it to the radio station.

soon after, they changed their format and had no-repeat workWEEKS and butterfly kisses was never played again. coincidence? i think not.

“and little white flowers up all in her haiiiiirrrrrrr…” someone hand me a letter opener.

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