Who is this Person and What is she Doing in My Body?

14 07 2008

In my travels yesterday, I was in Target and you know, with it being all of Mid-July, summer apparel is on clearence.

Deciding that it being Mid-July and all, perhaps I should brave the fluorescent lighting and try on a swimsuit.  Not that I need/want one, but it was on sale and there’s nothing lost if I didn’t try it on.
I find the appropriate sized pieces (it was a tankini, thankyouverymuch) and get into the closet dressing room.

I have four rules when it comes to trying on clothing.
1) If I cannot get it up over my thighs or butt, I do not wiggle, jump or lunge about.  It goes back on the hanger.
2) If it is a brand I don’t know, I will grab three sizes.  The size I normally take, one above and one below; sometimes two above if it’s really cute.
3) I do not look in the mirror while I am dressing.
4) If there is a second thought about purchasing the item, I do not buy it because I know I will not wear it.  I have to like it off the bat.

That being said, I am turned around while I put on the suit.  I turn towards the mirror and I’m not keen on the color and the top is a bit funny in the cut.  I pull up the bottom of the top to see how the bottom piece fits and while I would not go out in public wearing it, I didn’t want to curl up in the corner and cry.
I turned around, looked at my derriere and thought that if the color wasn’t off…
So back on the hanger it went.
As I was clipping it on the hanger with a S-M-L tag, the tag fell out of the back of the bottom.    It was MUCH smaller then the size on the hanger.
I did a double take.
Seriously,  did I just put on and take off a size that I would laugh at on the rack? Holy crap.

And I did a little dance around the booth, bumping my elbows against the walls.

About four weeks to go…




One response

15 07 2008

YAY!! in ‘the battle’ myself, i too well know the joy of the unexpected victory.

dance! you’ve earned it…

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