Weekend Wrap-Up

13 07 2008

My other half had to work all weekend, so I was left to my own devices for entertainment.

Saturday, Bailey and I went to a number of yard sales (er, um, car boot sales?).
We started at 9 and by 11, she was ready to go home and sleep on the sofa.
Some choice finds:
*Three more Pyrex dishes… this time in the “Butterprint” pattern (teal farmers/farm on white). No lids but they were $1. These are added to my collection of “Crazy Daisy” (from my parent’s wedding set), “Daisy” and “Town and Country” pieces. Seriously, if you have kids (or husbands) who eat a lot of Chef Boyaredee or soups, the “Cinderella bake, serve and store” pieces can not be beat.
* A laundry basket of destroyable toys for The Bean. I got three for a dollar at one stop and ten-cents apiece at other…
“Aw, there goes ‘Snowflake’!  That’s what I named the bear that he [the husband] got me!”, says a woman as I hand her a quarter.
Her mother looks at me as I drop the bear in my Envirosax and I don’t have the heart to tell her that I’ll be feeding Snowflake to my dog.
“Ah-ha-ha-ha!  Um, I don’t know… haha.” I say, backing down the driveway.
* A silver plated brandy/cognac warmer. I haven’t been able to find any information the dating/factory on the piece… (Stamped “KM with some little speckles falling into a goblet, looks like X on side of the goblet and N on the other, with ITALY under the goblet.” $1.
* Two small tables, both round, almost identical, from two sales. They were promptly spray painted. $1 each.
* A number of books for the three-year-old I hang out with.

By the time Steve got home, and we ran some errands, it was like, 9pm and he had to work today, so we watched “Predator”; starring not one, but two US Goveners.
I took two “Simply Sleep” pills and I was out for almost twelve hours. I normally sleep about 8-10 hours, depending. Oh, and the pills gave me crazy dreams. Maybe by writing it down I will remember to take one next time and the influence it would have on my dreams; including but not limited to: Hanging out with Weezer, buying bird feeders and leaving Bailey in the truck (all the windows were down).

By 11 this morning, I was out getting lamps for my hutch, gas for the truck and groceries.
Steve comes home and I mention that I got him some type of new Hot Pocket. (blech, by the way)
“So you went food shopping then?”, he asks.
“No.”, I joke.
“Well, I didn’t want to tell you…” I say, starting to crack up, “But we have a Hot Pocket Tree out behind the shed.”
“Where?”, in all seriousness.
“Behind the shed.”
“A Hot Pocket Tree?”
By now I’m practically doubled over that he doesn’t get it. “I didn’t want you back there all the time, eating Hot Pockets from The Hot Pocket Tree…”

Hm, maybe that was funnier in person. Oh well, this whole day has been a wash anyways. Guess I’ll watch more of The Hitler History Channel.

How was your weekend?




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