Haikus for Friday

11 07 2008

Ode to the DQ Blizzard
DQ Blizzard, love
creamy, sweet, crunchy
calorie free

Ode to Crazy Cat Lady on Route 5
So many boxes
of litter out on the curb
too many cats

Ode to Crazy Cat Lady on Union Road
Can’t see over
dashboard, red high neck sweater
It is July Ma’am

Ode to Bailey
You never judge
We took as far a walk as
I let you take lead

Ode of Zoloft (to Melissa)
How could I deny
The power of me vs.
me? blah blah blah pill

Ode to Golf-Night-Steve
Thank you for not
waking me up when you came
to bed. Dirty Dream.




5 responses

11 07 2008

SNORT! You made me laugh out loud. “blah blah blah pill” LMAO

Well you made me LOL when you said it as a valid response.

11 07 2008

How many crazy cat ladies do you know?

“know”:none. Pass on the way to work:1. Pass on the way to Dairy Queen:1.

12 07 2008

haiku is fun! i like the DQ one. now i’m hankerin’ for a blizzard.

12 07 2008

friday haikus
make the gnukid smile broadly
and ask, “more please?”

Ah, so very clever! hopefully my speech impediment didn’t show too much in the syllable-ization.

14 07 2008

Well that told me!!! Thank you.

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