It’s 9am, Things Have to get Better

10 07 2008

B took her sweet time outside this morning, comes barrelling in the house with wet paws and steps on my red satin shoes.
“Why would you do that??!”, I mockly ask her.
Her response: Barrel down the foyer and slam into  my leg and then take off into the kitchen.

Seeing as I was hungry before I left the house, I packed some puffed rice.  Blueberries and milk are at work, so hooray breakfast!

It’s 9 before I can get to the coffee pot, I get the last, but full, cup and I pour my milk into the nectar of life.  When it splashes back more then usual, I look to see lumps floating.  Milk is stuck all to the side of the container and when I pour it into the sink, it’s more like yogurt then milk.
My other container of milk has just enough for my cup of coffee, thus negating breakfast.

Due to my date at DQ this evening and my/our extreme lack of cash, the money I have in my wallet is reserved for a Thin Mint Blizzard and not a carb-laden breakfast.

Things started going downhill yesterday and I told myself that food is not the solution to my problems.

Accentuate the positive, accentuate the positive: At least I got the first cup of fresh coffee.




One response

11 07 2008

tell me about those DQ thin mint blizzards. are they as good as they look?!?

As I said last night, “If I wasn’t already in a committed relationship, I would take it home with me.” I had a slight Blizzard afterglow/hangover. Note: the smaller pieces of cookie are tastier then the larger chunks.

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