It’s All About the Denial

9 07 2008

Steve’s well-intentioned aunt will occasionally cut my hair.
Preresquiets (sp): cash on hand /willingness to tolerate her talking about things that if she was your mom, you’d probably die of embarrassment/ Needing a trim. Seeing as during the spring/summer/fall I don’t bother blow-drying my hair and thanks to my super-fine hair, I can often go two to three months without a trim.

Anywho, last time I’m getting a trim, I state how I’m thinking I’m going gray. It’s no secret and being quite blond, it’s not readily noticeable.
“Oh, it’s not too bad.” Says that aunt. “If you’re starting to look dull, just use a highlighting shampoo and you shouldn’t have any problem.”
“Right, because I’m cool with silver-gray, not so much with blue-gray or dull-gray.”
“No no, you’re okay for now, just use an occasional brightener.”, she says in a way to let me know I’m not crazy, it is gray, and it’s not entirely noticeable.

So I AM going gray, but it’s an okay gray. Mom went gray at 24, coincidently when I was born, and Dad is just starting a litttttttle bit. (sorry for outing you, but we’re family and you owe me three physc sessions)

Monday night, I used Natural Instincts Shine Happy.
I think it lightened my hair; I haven’t dyed since 2002. Steve doesn’t think so; my hair gets light with sunlight.
Whatever, it’s shiny and not at all gray.

Shut-up. IT’S NOT GRAY!!!!!!




2 responses

9 07 2008

“Blue hairs driving in my lane…” (with apologies to Willie Nelson).

don’t know why folks get all uptight about hair color. actually, to this guy, i like all gray MUCH better than the “my last coloring was 2 months ago and it’s half gray, half blond”…

Which is totally why I stopped coloring… besides the fact that The Mister likes my natural color. I used to dye it red, which was great, until the blond started growing in. Yes, it looked as funny as it sounds.

9 07 2008

mine is taking on a very sparkly silver sheen along the crown. i’ve been coloring it for a few years, but just temporary color. i haven’t done it since the ‘red head’ disaster a few months back and my silvers are reaaaallllly noticable now.

i think it gives me a distinguished look. ahem.

Yes, distinguished. Want to go out for applesauce and then we’ll tell the damn kids to get off the lawn?

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