Solving One Problem Creates Two More

2 07 2008

If a prescription has a side effect, nine times out of ten, I will experience it.

That being said, I take an occasional medication for occasional problems.
One of the side effects is “potential” stomach upset and cramping.  By “potential” the pharmaceutical company should really just say, “Stephanie, your stomach will be in such a knot for 72 hours you’ll wonder which is worse; the problem you’re taking the medication for, or the effect on the rest of you.”

I dosed on Monday evening.  By Monday night, I felt as though I had ingested a load of matza balls.  Tuesday I had little to no appetite.  After the gym, I thought I was going to vomit everywhere.  Tuesday night, well, it was embarrassing, I am glad Steve was cutting the lawn and I’ll leave it at that.
This morning, I awoke and felt okay.
About 45 minutes into my shift, things took a turn for the worse.
Things that I am embarrassed to have happen in my own house happened at work.
I’m mortified.

Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, years of poor diet habits left me prone to another embarrassing, yet less as openly recognizable, problem.  And with the side effects of the medication, that problem is back.

I don’t want to walk around with a sign that says, “Really, it’s the side effects of my meds!”…

Hey reader(s), how do you deal with having embarrassing things happen at work?




2 responses

2 07 2008

I’d probably be sufficiently mortified to warrant calling it a sick day and heading on home, to be honest. I sympathize, because I am NOT good with bodily functions anywhere, let alone in public.
Poor thing 😦

Believe you me, I would like nothing more then to take a sick day, but we only get three “personal” days here and I’ve already used two of them and it’s not even fall-flu-season. I’ll just not eat. Not that I want to, though some Miracle Toast sounds really good.

2 07 2008

i can barely bring myself to pee in a public bathroom. at my old job, my friends and i resorted to something we dubbed the SB, secret bathroom. it was in the basement of the office building, so remote that noone ever used it. thankfully, i only took the walk of shame once when i got sick from eating chinese food.

I would love a SB. I miss working places where you could causally go into another area, take care of whatever and then be like, “Um, I was… uh… smoking? Yeah, smoking!”

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