Out with the Old, In with the New

1 07 2008

Looking back at all the things I did last year that I never thought I would, or could, do, I’m pleased.  These are in no order, except the first one, because it was freaking hard.
* Admitted that my anger/mood swings were out of control and sought help.
* Gave blood despite being needlephobic.
* Made a conscience effort (though not always following through) on making good choices.
* Sent more cards “Just Because”
* Started to get a bit more assertive.
* Wore make-up on a fairly consistent basis.
* Started telling people “no”.
* Got rid of old items, knowing that they were just that,  items.  Serving no purpose.
* Tried writing again.
* Participated in a race.
* Got over my fear/loathing of the gym.
(I’m sure there’s more and I’ll add to the list as it comes to me)

So then, looking forward, what do I want to be proud of this time next year?
* Use my camera more, DEVELOP and organize the pictures.
* Try to do something nice for a stranger, should the opportunity arise.
* Be direct in asking for things I want instead of hinting.  I.E. “I want Charlaps.” vs. “Hey, so, like, isn’t Charlaps around the corner?”
* Think decisions through before setting them and be ready to face the rewards/consequences.
* Say “Thank You” more.
* Try to realize my triggers and then defuse them before they cause a reaction.
(I’m sure there’s more and I’ll add to the list as it comes to me)

Why do this list now?
I see birthdays as a “new year” and thusly deserve to have goals set.




2 responses

1 07 2008

You have accomplished so much and you should be very proud of yourself, I’m sure you are. I imagine the first on your list was very hard. You have to first admit that their is a problem and I don’t think that is easy… Well done.
Funnily enough I don’t wear make-up but I am thinking of starting (again) I guess it’s just to make me feel better too. I think I don’t have to, well I don’t for others, but for me, I can.
Developing photographs! YES! What is the point of leaving them in the camera on in a file on the pc?

I am super proud. Also kind of embarrassed as to what took me so long to do some of the things off the list.

20 07 2008
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