30 06 2008

I’m entereing work order information for a project we’re doing at one of those assisted/independant-licing retirement communiites.
I get to an order and it’s for a craft room.
There are two pictures that pop into my head.

1) Picnic tables of grandparents.  They’re all wearing red t-shirts with the name of the home on them.  Some tables are making boondoggle, some make macaroni pictures and others are making those yard-wrapped-around-Popsicle-stick-things.   A few weeks later, their kids or grandkids get a box addressed from the home.  The well-to-do grown children open the package and roll their eyes at yet another watercolor.

2) Rocking chairs.  Quilts.




One response

1 07 2008

heeeyyy! did you change your password? i can’t get into the other post. you must be TALKING ABOUT ME, right?!?!? (being a moody and possessive cancer!)

no changes, all lower case… same as the work-post password…

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