30 06 2008

I had a birthday unparrelled.

Saturday morning, I cleaned the house. Steve was working and I was bored.
I also went to an estate sale where I found some Pyrex dishes I wanted and a new toliet paper thing for the bathroom. $6 for everything.
Then I went to the OP Antique Mall and picked up an emo snail plant potter.  (I ran out of potting soil, so I just dropped a whole plant in there, thus, the pink)

My in-laws took me out for dinner on Saturday night and they got me my own lemon tarte. Because lemons and I are likethis.
And they surprised me with a mix-and-match flower book (so you can pre-combo your annuals and perennials to see what looks good together), a “butter boy” (it hold pads of butter for corn on the cob), some corn of the cob dishes, a cupcake book (to be tried out this week) with MY NEW KITCHEN-AID MIXER. Oh, the creme-de-la-creme of potentially useless, yet highly coveted, kitchen appliances. And it’s in a glazed steel color, which matches the kitchen theme.

Sunday was my day with Steve and my actual birthday .
He got me a cookbook (yeah!), two antiquing books (a glass field guide and a weapon-sized 2009 price guide), a veggie grilling tool and a ventian glass braclet; which I had been asking for for the better part of five years.
Then he took me to Ellicottville, which is a ski resort town about an hour south. For lunch, we went to EBC and had a “brewski” which was 5 craft beers served on, wait for it, a ski.

We wandered around the town, there were some cute little shops… in fact, one of them had a bug, VERY similar to the one purchsed from The AllentownArt Fest, but at over twice the cost. Yeah, um, no.
Afterward, he drove a bit further south and took me to this antique barn that we always pass on the way to camping.
It was FANTASIC and I was treated to a new piece of Imperial Candlewick (the glass pattern I collect and is a bitch to find in orignal, unscratched and non-reproductioned condition): a candy basket.

Then we got take-out for dinner and I capped it all off by falling asleep on the sofa at like 7.

What was even better, was that, well, it’s not that he’s been a bear latley, but his job has sucked and with school and everything, well, he’s been a bit of a bear. Yesterday, it was like the Steve I fell in love with… charmingly witty, attentive…
him: “What’s great is that the braclet has like, earrings and a necklace that go along with it.”
“Wicked! So what’s this anniversary? Is it glass?”
“I hope so. Then I’m in luck. Or you’re in luck. Whatever, luck.”

I woke up with a huge smile on my face, I feel asleep with one and I feel like I’m on cloud nine.
Call it “Birthday Afterglow”.
(And then it snuggles and turns into a cup of Tim Hortons.)

(P.S. I’m now 29 for those of you following along.)




2 responses

30 06 2008

wow–it was a birthday extravaganza!!! can’t wait for the pics!!

30 06 2008

Sounds like a fantastic birthday! Glad to hear it…wow a kitchen aid mixer for your birthday! That’s a whole lota love from your in-laws and…to refer to an earlier post what all us white girls like!

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