History Lesson

28 06 2008

While I wait for my French Toast to cook…

Here I am, 17 years ago, deciding what to wish for.  Note the neon, those are leggings, the FANTASTIC perm and we are camping.

And this would be about 11 years ago.  I know because my hair is purple/pink and we’re camping again.

And this would be, um, ten, maybe nine years ago.  (Sorry for the inclusion mom, but my toast is burning and I don’t know how to photoshop you out… loooovvveee you)  Rocking the overalls, a zillion necklaces and my boyfriend-at-the-times class ring.

I remember that Dad would always make the day before my birthday special as well, thus the french toast and antiqueing later today.

Do you have any birthday traditions?




2 responses

28 06 2008

Hey! Look at you all funky and livin’ the moment. I’ve had my share of perms and lycra pants too! You look lovely but you should have finished with an up to date one… just because I’m nosey!
Happy Birthday, I hope it’s a lovely day for you. Are you having a party? Jelly and icream? :o)

hopefully I’ll have a new photo within the next day or two as Steve is taking me out tomorrow (my actual b-day). We’re not doing anything over the top, basically, he’s been crazy busy and I just look forward to spending the day with him. Gag, I know 🙂

29 06 2008

happy birthday weekend!!!! love those pics!

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