Fridge Vacuuming Trumped

27 06 2008

Well, it seems that I have indeed found something worse then vacuuming the fridge.

Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, someone ran over a rabbit.  The crows had already started demolition work on the carrion.

I didn’t really think much of it until this morning when I realized that there wasn’t a murder* on the pavement.  Then I looked to make sure the garage door was closed, and I saw that someone had lovingly thrown the corpse just on our side of the property line.


So, while I almost puked in the kitchen over the state of the intake duct, there is no way in hell I am removing a partially eaten rabbit corpse from the lawn.
For the record, I already did that a few years ago when a crow picked a BABY BUNNY out of a nest and dropped it from a tree, killing it, and with Steve being at work, you can guess the hysterics that resulted. (here’s a hint.  I’m on my cell phone, crying.  “And-sniff-the bunny-wail-it’s dead!  DEEEAAADDDD!  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!”)

*murder: flock of crows




2 responses

27 06 2008

We have discovered a couple of bunny corpses in our garden over the past few weeks but we think it is foxs getting to them. Luckily I have my husband on hand to swiftly get what is left on the spade and through into the woods… if I had my way though I would want him to bury the poor things but I think that is impractical.

I agree with the burial thing, the wanting vs. practicality. I do say a little something when I toss the body into the plastic bag.

27 06 2008

ugh! that’s hideous! a few years ago i was in my front yard and smelled something strange and saw a cloud of flies buzzing over something. i crept closer and was horrified to see a putrid dead squirrel. i shrieked and ran in circles. my yucky neighbor came over, scooped it up and said, “squirrels are good eatin’!” (i swear to god that he said that. i’m not sure if he ate it or not.) ewwwww.

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