Hot Fun in the Summertime

25 06 2008

(yes yes, I know that dogs aren’t supposed to have “people food” and yes yes, I know what not to feed my dog. She’s made it this far.)

(Oh, and below each picture is what Bailey would be saying, if she spoke human. Thankfully, I purchased Rosetta Stone in dog.)

“Pupcicle?! I’d love one!”


“Om nom nom nom nom”

“Great, and now I have brain freeze. Thanks a lot mom.” (and to all you PETAers, she’s blinking)

This one was harder to dechiper as there was a bunch of shouting coming from another yard. It’s either, “You have to sleep sometime woman.” or “I’m working on growing thumbs and then all the popcicles will be mine. Mine! MIIIINNEEE!”

You know you wanna see Beezis on Click on her to vote.




4 responses

25 06 2008

Great. I have the same taste in frozen novelties as a Labrador Retriever. Awesome.

(Very cute pics though, appreciated the translation)

Not to help the cause, but she ate a shoe insert yesterday. I’m hoping you don’t like the taste of plastic and gym feet. Worth noting though, she adores vegetables. Especially lettuce. And Banana Peppers. And potato chips. And frosting. and carrots. and ice cubes….

25 06 2008

that is hi-larious. your doggy is too cute–and love the name–beeeeeeezis?!? 😀 do ya call her beezie-weezie?

Partial list of Bailey’s nicknames: B, Beezis, Bee-zee, Beans, Bailey Bean, Beany Baby, bean-na and yes, beezie-weezie. She also answers to “bad dog” and “puppy” (puppy is because we couldn’t agree on a name for her first couple weeks)

26 06 2008

Yeah, I totally thought it was celery. Knowing as I do how the B likes veggies.

I’m a dummy

That’s okay, we still loves ya. And am I growing nuclear celery?

26 06 2008

Ahhhh….she has such a sweet face.

We gave our dog a cup of “dog icecream” one time as a special treat. She loved it…she licked and ravaged and made happy faces. And then she barfed it all up. Apparently she’s lactose intolerant (which has been confirmed after numerous cheese barfings since then).

Stick with the pupcicles.

Ah,the puking. Bees reacted well to her first trip to the ice cream stand, except she kept trying to walk over the console to eat MY ice cream. She only barfs up hot dogs and that’s because she doesn’t chew them. Is the “real” doggie ice cream worth it?

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