So Gross!

23 06 2008

CurlyWurlyGurly, you need to send your “people” over here in a few years as I just undertook the NASTIEST task I’ve done in a while.

Chunky pet vomit.   Got nothing on this.
Having to wipe cold pee off a public toilet seat.  Child’s Play.
Unknown hair in your food.  Mere pish-posh.

This whole thing started yesterday when I was talking to MomandDad.
“…And on top of everything, I think the fridge is going.”
“Well, think about how old it is.” (I was still in high school when we got the fridge)
“Yeah, I know, so you know, another straw…”
Dad pipes up.  “Did you vacuum it lately?”
“Ah-ha-ha-ha.  That’s a good one.”
“Seriously, with the cats and stuff, the intake is probably full of fur.”
“So you’re not kidding?”
“You mean you’ve never vacuumed the intake?”
“That would be a no.”

Apparently, whenever I got my homeowners manual, I must have skipped over the part about vacuuming the underpart of your fridge to keep it working.

Vacuum in hand, I lay on the floor and pop off the grating on the bottom of the unit, and release a  million dust bunnies in the process.
Coughing and sneezing, I jab the extension into the opening and watch the canister fill.
I hear this slight popping noise (“pffft.  pfft.  ppftt.”) and pull out the wand.  There was a hairball on the end of it that was large enough to put a collar on and sell to Paris Hilton as a pet.
I nearly gagged.
After getting the hairball dislodged, I took a couple more jabs under the fridge because there is no way I am going back in there anytime soon.

Okay, for comparison… if we wait a while (like a week, HEY, we’re busy folks) to vacuum, we’ll have two canisters of fur.
The Fridge Expedition yielded a canister.

Dear god, Steve gets that job next time the fridge start sputtering.




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24 06 2008

Um, ewww.

27 06 2008
Fridge Vacuuming Trumped « please, stop bouncing

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