Yard Update

22 06 2008

Yesterday was (sarcastic) Super Fun Yardwork Day!
(at least it was more fun the what Steve was doing… he had to work)

As usual, I found lots of fun things around the yard.

I got the patio umbrella up and hung the cute charms Mom&Dad got me for Christmas…

And the first strawberry is coming in!

Here’s a plant Mom got me the first year we set up the pond. We thought it was an annual, but I guess not as it’s come up every year. (BTW: for those gardeners who can’t remember the difference between annuals and perennials, perennials is a long word and thus the flowers last longer/every year).
I love the color of the flowers because they’re so bright compared the the lush greenness of the grass.

This is last years new plant, a mock orange. I only wish I could capture the smell of the flowers as they’re simply delicious.

Last weekend, I tilled up the remains of the veggie garden and I pulled up two boxes of weeds. I removed one box completely and reorientated the larger box for some perennials. If anyone (read: Steve) has taken the very obvious hinting that I would like some more perennials for my birthday (“You totally owe me a hibiscus and a rhododendron and an azalea”; he killed all three of them.) , I will hopefully be able to replant another box and a half.

Here’s my ironic Arizona Blanket Flower.

It’s the last peony of the season 😦

Here’s a cute little bug I purchased last weekend at The Allentown Art Festival. Which prompts the question, why aren’t real bugs this cute?

May I mention that it’s the end of June and I have not yet killed my petunias?

Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to show off full-grown strawberries, raspberries, grapes and a assortment of not-dead-flowers.

(oh, forgot this too.. couple of weeks ago, found one of these in the garden.  It’s an anaconda, I’m sure of it.)
snake!  snake!

(that’s Steve’s phone for reference.)




4 responses

22 06 2008

wow! you’re a regular farmer!!! look at that strawberry. you should pick it and send it to me. you’re such a holly-homemaker.

If only I would have though ahead to put something next to the strawberry to show it’s minuteness… teeny. but cute. It’s an anime strawberry.

22 06 2008

Your yard looks awesome! I am so jealous. Not so jealous of the snake. They scare me.
BTW if bugs looked like that I would be terrified, as it was huge!

Stephanie Says: I wouldn’t, nay COULDN’T, be threatened with a bug who has bells for toes! If Creepy Snake had marble eyes I’d probably keep it as a pet.

23 06 2008

!!!! Mock Orange!!!

At our old house, we had several large bushes around the property line and when they were in bloom the whole house smelled like that awesome delicious smell. They’re awesome.

Where do you prefer to buy your plants from?

I’ll buy plants anywhere though I prefer not to go to the chains… while they have better prices, I feel like they don’t need any more of my money. We got the mock orange and fruit at some nursery in East Aurora.

23 06 2008

This was brilliant! The flowers are great! I love the look of that strawberry!
That bug is really cute… :o)

By the time we were almost to the end of the festival, coverage wise, I practically knocked down a woman to find out where she got hers. “OHMYGODTHERE’SONE!WHEREDIDYOUGETTHAT?!” After the initial shock wore off, she was more then willing to provide directions.

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