Trying to Pinpoint the Problem

18 06 2008

I’m fidgity.
Not just on the outside, but on the inside.

Is it because I’m used to wearing many “hats” and now I have like, half a hat?
Is it the pace?
Maybe the fact that despite having a conversation, I still don’t feel as though I’m trusted?
Is it how when my co-worker isn’t here, my responsibilities don’t really change and I’m basically told that whatever is needed “It can wait until she gets back”?
Could it be my hormones raging?
Or the feeling of inadequacy when people are seemingly disappointed when my co-worker is out?

I’m getting frustrated because I feel like a black sheep who is around because I’m useful.


Who’s got ice cream?



2 responses

18 06 2008

random clicking brought me here. your post resonated with me. some because, though i put on a happy public face, inside i’m roiling with some of the feelings you quote… i’m a guy, so PMS shouldn’t be an option. though, i’m none to sure about that… no answers, just validation… thanks for the openness here…

Stephanie says: hooray for random clicking! I would also like validation. I asked and they said I had to buy something first…

18 06 2008

baa. don’t get so don’t on yourself, blackie. i luff ewe!

Stephanie says: olive you too!

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