Citrus Grilled Steak and Roasted Veggies

17 06 2008

For the Steak:
* Top round. Mine came in a huge chunk, so I sliced horizontally.  Though I guess any thicker cut is acceptable.
* 1/3 cup each soy sauce and lemon juice
* 2/3 cup orange marmalade
* 1 tsp canola oil

For the Veggies:

* 3 medium ears of cobbed corn, cut into thirds (I got to use the cleaver!)
* 1 cup baby carrots
* 1 pound red potatoes.  Go with a smaller ‘tater to ensure cooking.  Quarter each spud.
* Green and Red pepper, minced
* 1 packet onion soup mix
* 1 tablespoon olive oil (I used more)
* Some budder (that’s “butter” for you non-WNYers)
* Heavy duty tin foil

Mix everything but the steak together and put in a sealable bag, or if you’re a fancy pants, a marinating dish. Mix well and portion out a cup of the marinade.  Take your slab of cow and cut diagonally across, twice, creating a criss-cross pattern.  Repeat on the other side.  Drop the meat in the marinade.  I let mine sit for two hours, though I suppose you could overnight it.

Take the basil, onion mix and oil and mix in a LARGE bowl.  Add the veggies in portions so that everything gets covered.  With a large piece of foil, make a container for the veggies (fold up the sides so they don’t end up all over the counter and floor).  Pour veggies into the foil thing.  Drop a couple of pats of budder amoungst the veggies.  Wrap again and again with foil; you’re going to have to flip the whole kaboodle so keep that in mind when wrapping.

Once your grill is ready for food (I cooked mine at medium), put your steaks on, pouring some of the marinade (from the bag/dish) on the steaks.  Pop your veggie cocoon on at the same time.  No, really.  Close the grill and go do a soduku.  After fifteen minutes, open the grill, flip the meat and the veggies, using that cup you kept of marinade to baste the other side of the steak.  Close the lid and do a wordfind.
After fifteen more minutes (give or take) remove everything from the grill and serve.




One response

17 06 2008


too bad i don’t eat cow. this sounds good.

SB says: Damn, the meat counsel was going to pay me five sweet bucks for every convert.

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