(delayed) Wednesday Night Crock Pot: Not Chicken Parm

16 06 2008

Not Chicken Parmesan

You need:
* 2 bottles of spaghetti sauce (that’s 2 in proportion to the rest of the ingredient…) in flavor, or not, of your choice
* 3 boneless chicken breasts
* Your choice of topping. We used Kraft shaker Parm, though I guess you could use real cheese.

Dump the sauce into the pot.  Gently drop chicken in, unless you’re cooking naked, because sauce is a bitch to get out.  Make sure to space breasts so they get the full flavory goodness.
Set slow cooker.  I did 8 hours low for frozen boobs.
Chicken will be super tender and falling apart (or should be) so be careful pulling the pieces out.
I served with extra sauce (no pasta) and a couple shakes of grated parm.  I suppose if you wanted to bake with parm, you put the cheese on the chicken, and bake for until bubbly and brown.

Also, I guess you could just fill a glass pan with sauce and chicken and bake that way if you don’t want to wait eight hours.

(this week, I’m making pulled beef sammies)




One response

16 06 2008

This sound super good…and since I have both frozen chicken breasts and frozen sauce from the last time I went scratch on my past sauce, it is completely doable. Oooh, and I’ve got shredded mozz…can turn it into a parm. YUM!

What’s super about it is that you save all the stuff (calories, congestive heart failure, etc.) from not breading and frying.

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