“Grow Up!” or When it’s Beyond Your Issues

16 06 2008

Without getting into too many details and hopefull not being too vauge, there’s major weighty stuff going on in StephanieLand.

I’ve never been close with my father’s side.  It’s not for lack of trying (on my part) but with the exception of my uncle in California (who is actually cool) and my uncle in Ohio (who hasn’t been a dick to me, but was to my Dad), I do not communicate with any of the rest of his family.  Not that I talk to Cali/Ohio, but they would accept a phone call.
Dad’s sisters have always been unusually cruel to me and thus, I’ve cut them out of my life, which sadly means that I’ve cut my cousins (who may actually be cool) out of my life.

Well, my one cousin was very ill when she was younger and then she went into like, some kind of remission or something, but now, whatever she had is back.  I can openly say “whatever” because I don’t actually know what it is and I hear it third or fourth party.
So, instead of my Evil Aunt calling my Dad (whom she called ALL THE TIME whenever my cousin was younger and having issues… and that’s the only time she called), EA calls her other brother, who then calls my Dad.
Dad calls EA and she gets back to him all whiney (par for the course) and I hear my cousin is really bad off.

Okay, despite what happened between her and Dad, this isn’t about them anymore, it’s about the daughter.  You’re telling me that despite your daughter being so very sick, you can not pick up the phone and call your brother, whom you relied so heavily upon previously, to let him know what’s going on.

Jesus Christ, get over yourself.

(P.S. yeah, I still have a lot of anger issues to deal with between EA and I, but even I am teetering on calling her, not talking about me or her, and seeing how my cousin is.  And then, when the enviable happens, I’m torn about going and not going.  Guess it depends if Dad goes…)




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