“Present”: A

12 06 2008

Seeing as I didn’t want to attach any significance or ranking to these posts, I guess letters came close…

Setting The Way Machine to the mid to late-1980’s……………………….

Saturday mornings, Mom would wake up early to go work at Silo (think Best Buy but in browns and yellows, circa 1980’s, microwaves as large as a countertop).
Dad would do his paperwork for the week and we’d listen to records.  For you youngings, “records” are pre-iPOD, pre-CD, Pre-Cassette and Pre-8 Track.
Some mornings, we’d hop in the Chevelle- Green on the outside, lipstick red on the inside- and drive around to garage sales.
Usually I’d get a toy of some kind and I don’t really think it’s that we were looking for anything in particular, it was a chance to get out and spend time together.
Pretty much whenever I hear Van Halen or Yes, I’m transported back to driving around Buffalo, hand out the window, letting the wind move my hand in the current with the faint smell of what what was most likley a gas leak.
These trips would usually culminate with a trip to Mighty Taco, Anderson’s (ice cream) or TCBY.



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12 06 2008

hmmm..sounds familiar except we would drive around in a tic-tac orange chevy malibu and have ice cream at ‘the polar cub’.

at one garage sale, i got a snoopy sno-cone machine with no shovel, no cups, and no flavors. essentially it was an ice shaver. but i loved it anyway.

12 06 2008

I did enjoy this…
I love it when a certain song takes you right back to a certain time and place in your mind that without the song may never be revisited.
REO Speedwagons’ I’m gonna keep on Loving you takes me back to when I was 12, with my brother, listening to his latest cassette in the recorder and playing air guitar. :o)
I wonder if garage sales are similar to our ‘car boot fairs’?

I did a quick google and it looks like a ‘car boot fair’ is more akin to our ‘flea market’; a bunch of people in one area selling personal effects. garage/lawn sale is more of a single household, or in the case of a ‘street sale’ a number of homes within a small distance. I tend to be more of a ‘car boot fair’ girl myself… one stop shopping.

12 06 2008

Ah – I remember Anderson’s.

But, I wish I remembered that Chevelle instead. Evidently my parent had an El Camino when I was really young, but got rid of it prior to the age where I could actually remember stuff. I’m still mad at them.

Color me confused, but didn’t we still have the Chevelle when you were around? I dunno, I’ve been smoking a lot of crack lately.

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