The Best Present

10 06 2008

Here’s some sunshine for your day.

The preface is that I sent my Dad an email letting him know that his Father’s Day gift was going to arrive on Tuesday.  (I’ve really been trying to get gifts to arrive on time).

Here is his heartwarming response.

Good morning Dear,

There is no way that you suck.  Tuesday is just fine, it is not the day or reason for receiving any gift, but the thought of giving that is important.  If you would even just take a moment during any day, and reflect upon a happy moment that we have shared, that would be a wonderful present.  The wrapping and bow, the smile that they bring to you.  I get lots of presents that way from you.  You have always been a wonderful Daughter, person, and now friend.

Thanks for all of the presents you have given me.
XOXO   Dad

Excuse me, I have something stuck in my eye.




4 responses

10 06 2008

Hello (again)
This is simply lovely! I think your dad has got it right on the money. My dad is the same, more grateful for time and effort than of material gifts.
I think I might have something in my eye too.

If I would be able to, I would totally spend time with him instead of sending him things, but he’s the better part of 4,000 miles away. As a teenager, it wouldn’t have been far enough. As an adult, it’s too far.

10 06 2008


10 06 2008

hellllo!?! is your dad ward cleaver or something?!?!!? see ya later, wally.

funny you should say that…we’ve typically been so polite and highly-functioning that we used to be referred to as The Cleavers. Shit you not.

13 09 2008

WOW!!!! I have never gotten a tree stuck in my eye I cannot get it out!!!

Uh, okay… I think, nay, I know I’m confused… but welcome aboard

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