The Best Ideas Come with Brain Swelling

9 06 2008

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m not much one for the heat and humdity.
Give me 75 degree days with 40% humidity and you will see a happy girl.

Now, please note that I am not melting on the sidewalk, fanning my arms up and down as if to take off into the cool cool stratosphere.  Nor am I stomping my foot on the ground, whining “ITTTTSSS SOOOO HHOOOTTT!”.  Though maybe I want to.  Best thing about summer is that I don’t eat once it gets to be about 85 degrees, so it looks like I’m not having dinner tonight.  (Too much heat futzes with my tummy and I’m not hungry because I’m conserving all of my energy to flush out the constant hydration)

Buffalo is four seasons, that’s why I like it.  It’s bi-polar like someone you know and love (that’d be me, BTW, for those of you playing at home.).  It has booger-freezing winters and streak-inducing summers.  People who live here, especially those who have lived here their whole lives, still don’t get the weather.
I have come to grips with, and accepted, that two or three weeks ago I was wearing a sweater and Steve turned the heat on.  He turned on the AC yesterday, “Just to make sure it works”.

This time of year, we often become mole people as the basement offers the most refuge from the humidity, which is what really gets me, unless it’s Arizona, then I don’t care what you say, 114 degrees is fucking hot, humidity or not.
We keep saying that we’re going to put a futon in the basement and just live there.  It’s got a bathroom, a microwave, fridge… it’s like the apartment we never had.

Bailey has one of those plastic kiddie pools so when she instists on playing during heat waves, she can cool off.  The process usually goes as such: we toss the ball, she fetches, she runs to the pool, she splashes in the pool, she lays in the pool, she gets up, she throws the ball at use, we throw the ball to her…
Sometimes, I kick her out of the pool or we share.

What do you do to “beat the heat”?  “Drink a lot of beer” and “live in the bathtub” are acceptable answers.




2 responses

9 06 2008

Yeah. I’ve taken a cool down shower or bath every evening since Thursday. Bart says: that isn’t very green of you. Shouldn’t you be conserving water?
*Note – wanting to conserve water is NOT an excuse to be stinky. Just sayin’

9 06 2008

mmm…i hide in the air conditioning and consume ridiculous amounts of ice cream. 🙂

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