Creature Comforts

8 06 2008

Summer in this area is very humid.  Very humid.  Did I say it was humid?  Because it is.
Steve works in a manufacturing plant and I work in an office.
We’re driving to dinner and he comments that the neighbors have their AC on.  A little while later he mentions that I don’t have the AC on in the truck.
“It’s the beginning of summer.  Let’s enjoy the weather before it gets all stiflely and we can’t move around without sticking to everything.” I argue.
He looks at me and asks, “Where do you work all day?”
“You know where I work silly.”
“Is that air conditioned office nice to work in?”
And I shut the sunroof and put on the AC.




One response

8 06 2008

we keep out house at 64 degrees year round. i hate heat in the winter–i like to see frost on the INSIDE of the windows. we turn our a/c on in about mid-april and turn it off around november. 🙂 bring a sweater if you’re coming to visit. 🙂

Yowers. I didn’t realize that you channeled thermostat cat…. My old housemate used to keep the house at 55. Seeing my breath while indoors did not bode well with me.

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