The Garden(s)

7 06 2008

I spent the last couple days adding flowers to the yard and tenderly mowing the grass. Well, okay the last part is a lie as I zipped across the yard, most likely singing Jay-Z.
Anywho, I wasn’t/am not in any condition to use the push mower, so with Bailey outside, I asked her if she would please take the push around where the rider doesn’t fit. Luckily for me, I had the camera on hand.
B says no

She walked away and started sniffing the lawn.

In my journeys, I saw some neat things around the yard.

Like my first peony was opening…

And that the phlox was coming in nicely…

And despite the extreme lack of care, my roses are coming up too…

And with a little love, my chocolate lab is coming in great….

Here she is doing her typical follow-you-around-the-lawn-throwing-toys-at-you-until-you-throw-them-at-me. If you look at this picture closely, you can see the ball is in motion, but her follow through is poor. Also, we are out of tennis balls which is why she is throwing a large stuffed basketball at me.

Finally, here is the pond/waterfall, christened RiverDance. Ducks sold separately.

And at night…




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