I Made It!

6 06 2008

Yes, I am alive this morning!
Yes, I am limping like crazy this morning!
Yes, I feel very accomplished!

Funny thing… I’m at my company’s tent (being the only person from my division who showed) and this guy (from another division) comes up.
“Uh, yeah?”
“Do you remember me?”
“We grew up together.”
(mind racing) “Did we make out?”
“HAHAHAHA!  No, you never made out with me.”
“It’s Trent Reznor*”
Trent and I used to play together as teenagers- we played spotlight, you pervs.  And I think I was a sophomore  when he was in college and well, we couldn’t hang out anymore.
“Wow Trent, it’s been, a while, and you recognized me?”
“Well yeah.”
I’m not good at math, but I would have been like, 15 maybe 14 and I would have been coloring my hair with magic markers and he recognized the “pulled together” version.

Trent humored me and accompanied me on my trek.  Seeing as we started at the 12-minute-mile mark, which takes at least ten minutes to get to the starting line and stopped to pee (WHY AREN’T THERE BATHROOMS ALONG THE WAY?!?!) with everyone else, which took at least 20 minutes, we crossed the line at 1:17:30.

I got another t-shirt and some beer and A LOT of water.

What’s this mean?  I have twelve months to train for next year.  Maybe I’ll move up to the 10-minute-mile mark 🙂

*Not his real name, natch

Some team had cheezeberger cat shirts that said “I can winz corporate challenge plz?”




One response

6 06 2008

good job on the race! you did uz proud. as for running into people from the past…what a nightmare. if someone asks me, ” are you curly wurly gurly?” i say no and then run away. i’m anti-social like that.

Aw, blush, thanks 🙂 So does this mean that if I ever figure out who you are (or vice versa) I’m going to ask if we made out and then you’re going to run away? Then I’ll know it’s you.

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