A Ounce of Prevention…

5 06 2008

The weather today has gone from [weekend prediction] nice and comfortable to [mid-week prediction] muggy and warm to [last night’s forecast] hot, humid and a good chance of a thunderstorm.

At this time, I would like to renege my previous protesting to The Bright Yellow Teamshirts as I am now thankful they are not white.

In preparation for tonight’s race, I have my gym bag packed: Two pairs of gym shorts (one wicking, one terry, both black), a pair of apres race jean shorts, a dressy tank, a casual tank, two pairs of underpants, four pairs of socks, two sports bras, one regualr bra, new contacts, contact solution, SPF50 sunblock, face sunblock, moisturizer, deoderant and my gym sneakers….

Due to the weather, I am also sporting the very stylish Malleolock:
Sexy, you\'re jealous
(Yes, mine is actually multi-colored)

What’s a Malleoloc?  Functional orthosis that replaces taping for lateral ankle stabilization. Anatomical, thermoplastic support stops lateral twisting and prevents ankle from shifting forward. Heel area is open allowing proprioceptors to regulate naturally.
Right, so basically it keeps my ankle (including the hyperextended Achilles tendon) from rolling round.
I’m hoping to be able to hobble brace free for the event.  At least with jeans I don’t look quite as foolish.

Right, so whoever is dancing to the Rain Goddess, please stop, at least until I can not look like a drowned rat.  Merci Beaucoup.




2 responses

5 06 2008

have a great race! hope the rain stays away until it’s over. 🙂

Thanks much! I just went outside and it’s humid and sunny and in all my packing I did not bring sunglasses. crappity crap crap crap. If the weather holds off, I’ll bring the camera as the parade race route has some wonderful architecture.

5 06 2008

Oh yes! Ditto Curly,
Have a great race!
If it rains it might clear the air a little.

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