Pre-Trial Results

4 06 2008

I went to the gym to see how long it would take me to do the 3.5 mile juant.
I decided on the elliptical as I have been having some serious ankle/hip pain due to the London-esque weather (read: rainy) here lately.
After getting bored and deciding I had enough, I pulled the towel off the stat screen and was sad to see that I had only gone 1.15 miles in 20 minutes.  Yes, yes, I know that’s actually good, but I thought I had been on there for forty five minutes and had gone at least three miles.
Alas, I hobbled off the machine and limped to the car.

Today is no better as the pain has radiated up into my hip; when I limp due to my ankle injury, my hips go off kilter, causing them and my low back to be unhappy.
I’m totally going to do this thing tomorrow, pain or not.
Why?  Because I  have to.




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4 06 2008

will you be riding a scooter?

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