Two Days Left to Train

3 06 2008

Continuing The Year of Getting Over Things and in what could be the worst idea I’ve had in a long time, I have decided to participate in the Chase Corporate Challenge this year.  I have not yet had the desire to try a banana.  Maybe next year.
(It’s a 3.5 mile “teambuilding” run/walk/jog)
I am pretty gung-ho about it, until I found out it’s supposed to be in the eighties and HUMID.
Heat+Humidity+Exertion= Stephanie Getting Heatstroke.

Granted, there’s water along the way but my pampered ass is used to a gym.  An air-conditioned, breezy, climate-controlled gym.  Not outside, where there are bugs and birds and rocks and cars…

Plus, the beer drinking weekend has added bloat and I’m basically feeling like someone is going to dump water on me to keep me from drying out.  (yes, I know it’s not true, I’m not a whale, but I’m feeling insecure)
So tonight I’m hitting the gym, tomorrow I’m going to the gym and Thursday, I am going to try not to die.




One response

3 06 2008

i’ll be thinking of you from the safety of my climate controlled haven. 🙂

Thank you. You know, if it’s like 7:15pm (EST, natch) and you hear this screaming, it’s me.

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