Gummi Bear Theatre

3 06 2008

Me: “Ha ha!  I’ve got you all where I want you!”
Gummi Bear 1: “Oh, no, what are you going to do with us?”
Me: “That depends, are you going to talk?”
Me: “Well then, how about I do THIS to your friend!” (removal of GB2’s legs)
GB1:”CHUUUUCKKK!!! nooooo!”
Me: “Yeah, are you going to talk now?”
GB1:“No, you can’t make me!”
Me: “Well, sorry, but this has to happen.” (removal of GB3’s head)
GB!:“Peter!  Oh god!  The humanity!”
Me: “Well, what do you say now?  Your friends are headless and legless.  Are you going to talk?”
GB!: “NO!”
Me: “Okay then.” (removal of GB1’s arm)
GB2: “Roger, just tell her where the treasure is.”
GB1: “No!  I can’t!”
GB2: “Roger, I’ve got no legs!”
GB1: “Chuck, I’m missing an arm!  There’s jelly everywhere!”
Me: “And now, I have to finish off your friend.”
GB1 & GB2: “NOOO!!!”
GB1: “I’ll never tell!  Never!”

Meanwhile, Steve sits on the floor, watching hockey, shaking his head.




3 responses

3 06 2008

Have you tried dipping those stubborn gummi bears in hot chocolate? Every gummi bear that I’ve ever tortured REALLY hates hot chocolate and will do ANYTHING to be spared from it 🙂

HA! I have ways of making you talk! Though it’s not hot chocolate season and I’m pretty sure gummis aren’t intimidated by Molson.

3 06 2008

i’m afraid of you.

as well you should be. as well you should be… did I mention they were mini-gummi bears? Well they were. sweet.

4 06 2008

He he he! That’s awesome and I totally could picture it happening… it!

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