Wendesday Night Crock Pot Results

29 05 2008

This week’s recipe and variations:

Salsa Chicken

(this is wicked easy and if you can mess this up, I can recommend a take-out place.)

You need:
Salsa (I use two “tall” containers, depending on the size of your pot)

You will:
1) Pour salsa into crock pot.
2) Add chicken
3) frozen=5 hours on high, Raw=less then 5 hours on high

You can use the same thing in a 13×9 pan, covering with aluminum foil and putting in a 350degree oven until cooked.

if you’re not a fan of salsa, you can also use this concoction:
Manderian Oranges, Salsa Verde/Tamales  and/or tomato of your choice (crushed, diced, etc.) or even, for the truly adventurous, Fruit Salsa.



2 responses

1 06 2008

This sounds yummy…what did you serve it with.. rice?

2 06 2008

Actually, I served it with nothing… mainly because he “doesn’t have the time” to make rice/whatever.
I reckon it’d be good with rice, brown rice or that tasty mexican rice.

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